Thursday, July 31, 2014

Giveaway Day!

A little pre-release of Amy Ellis'
A limited amount of precuts
 are in the shop.
Amy's Creative Side Quilts
There's a little interview with Amy here.
Our giveaway today is a
Modern Neutrals 5 inch charm pack.
To enter the drawing,
leave a comment.
Random drawing Friday night.
precuts arrived too!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Giveaway Day & Retreat Peek!

It is full steam ahead
working on our Craft Taffy Retreat.
Here is a little peek....

My family was in McCall this past weekend. 
I had retreat details to work on while up there too. 
You know,
visiting bakeries and delis,
stalking the lodge where we're staying...
timing how far to the quilt store.

All right, these boxes are a little large.
Good stuff inside.
  Where on earth am I putting them
until September!
Come sew and craft with us!
There is still room in the first session.
September 14-17th
All the details are here.
If you have any questions, email me.
We would so love you to join us!

To keep us in the mood...
the giveaway today is
Super cute Robert Kaufman prints!
To enter the drawing,
leave a comment.
Update:  Congrats to Peaches1003!
You are the winner!
Random drawing Friday night.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Water, Sun & Sand!

We ran away to McCall 
for a long weekend.
And at the last minute,
college daughter got to come!
We camped. 
I have definite thoughts on
 playing house in the dirt. :)
I do enjoy
 camping food.
Had to try these fun smores.
They were pretty yummy.
But nothing
beats a real one.
My ultimate vacation is watching
 my little guy 
play in the sand.
(yeah, I should just buy a sandbox.)
I love it. 
I love how he loves it.
This trip he was a little obsessed with
 getting buried as
 often as possible.
What are your thoughts
on camping?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Birch Farm & Butterfly Dance Giveaway Day!

Joel Dewberry's new line is where rustic charm meets modern living at Birch Farm.
 "Embrace the primitive simplicity of farmhouse living with simple and stunning patterns that pay homage to the unexpected beauty that often goes unnoticed in this provincial pace of life. Delicate interpretations of hydrangea, barn owls and chrysanthemums deliver an unexpected beauty that warms and simplifies." 
Oh, these prints would go perfectly in my living room.
I even have a birch tree painting - same colors.
Wish I had a lovely segway
from Birch Farm to fairies.
Here is cinderberry stitches' latest line --
it comes after her popular Enchant fabric.
It is super sweet and darling.
 precuts are in the shop.
The giveaway today is a 5" charm pack of your choice. 
To enter the drawing,
let me know which one you like and why.

Congrats to Jeanie!
You are the winner!
Random drawing Saturday night.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Churn Dash for Summer!

There's just something so summery about a levi quilt. 
It makes me feel patriotic.

And I'm on a red kick this year, so red and white, just have to go with blue
And levis are blue.  So I made another levi quilt
(which I will never to do again, see this post).

This is the quilt I designed for The Perfect Picnic blog hop
I sewed lots of 2.5" squares together to make the church dash.  It finishes at 54"x60".

I wanted big pieces of levi with the seams,
but in-seams curve and it's hard to get large pieces. 

So after much frustration, I bought levi at the store.  ? !
What about the huge stack of pants that are sitting here?  I know. That killed me.  I gave it all away.
So the center is our levis but the rest is not.

Riley Blake provided a few hoppers with laminated cotton for the backing.  I was so pleased with it.  It drapes, it doesn't get major fold lines.  It sewed wonderfully.  I didn't use any special feet or tape or anything.  I did lengthen my stitch and used polyester thread.

To bind it, since the laminate does not fray, I just folded the back over the top and bound the quilt.

How slick is that? 
Easy.  Easy with wonder clips too.

I was kind of pushing my machine to it's limit.
I decided to machine quilt (I use the term lightly) through:
-laminated cotton on the back
and then I thought it would be cute to have stitches that looked more like your levis look (not sure what to call that)
so I used my finca perle cotton thread size 16 as my thread (not in the bobbin, just on top) and machine stitched through all the layers.
My machine pulled it off.

For a picnic you need a picnic basket.
My picnic basket needed a make-over. 
It's so old, I didn't know if it was worth it,
but I told myself, if I can do this in a hour, I'll do it.

Beware this next photo is frightening.

I could have unpicked the lining and used as a pattern.
But I was too scared of it.
So to figure the size, I wrapped the laminate around the outside of the basket
and then kind of did the bottom like a tote bag bottom.

Now it matches my quilt and will quickly clean up!
I am now a picnicking machine
with 2 picnic blankets and a basket at the ready!